After Your Acceptance

Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to NKU! We are pleased to have you as a transfer student. Find out what's next after your acceptance to NKU, from your first steps toward enrollment to your continuing academic career with us.

First Steps

Upon receiving your acceptance packet in the mail, you should complete these tasks first.

  • Go to NKU password setup to activate your NKU User ID and create a password, which you will use as your login information for myNKU, your NKU email, and Blackboard.
  • If this is your first time seeking a degree at NKU and you will register for at least 6 credit hours, remember to complete and return your Enrollment Confirmation Form, which you will find in your acceptance packet, along with your payment for the confirmation fee.
  • If your acceptance packet included an Admission Evaluation page stating you are required to participate in placement testing based on your ACT, SAT, or COMPASS scores, you must sign up for and take a placement test before proceeding to register for classes.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Review your Transfer Credit Evaluation, included in your acceptance packet, to understand the credit you have been awarded at NKU for the courses you successfully completed elsewhere. For more information, see about NKU course codes.

  • If you are still taking classes elsewhere, or if you sent us a preliminary transcript, then you must:
  • Print a copy of your current class schedule and bring it to your advising appointment, which you will schedule.

    Your advisor will be expecting this, so you must do this to keep your appointment as scheduled.

  • Send your official final transcript to the NKU Office of Admissions after your final grades have been posted.

    You must do this to receive financial assistance and continue to register for classes in the future.

  • You may also review your transfer credit online at any time. Just log in to myNKU, navigate to the "My Records" section, choose the "Transfer Credit" link, select a college, and click the "Display Equivalency Determination" button.

Academic Advising

As a first-time or re-admitted transfer student, you must meet with an advisor before you can register for classes. Refer to your acceptance letter, included in your acceptance packet, to identify your college and program of study at NKU.

  • Refer to the NKU advising contact list to identify the advising center associated with your program of study. Place a call to your advising center, introduce yourself as a newly admitted transfer student, and ask to schedule an appointment.
  • You will meet with an academic advisor at least once per semester.  Learn more about academic advising at NKU.

Next Steps

With your advising appointment scheduled or completed, focus on these tasks as your first semester at NKU approaches.

Continuing Students

Transfer Services is here for you throughout your entire undergraduate academic career at NKU, until graduation.

  • If you ever take additional coursework elsewhere at the undergraduate college level and then continue your degree progress at NKU, send us the official transcript (as you did during the application process) once your grades are posted, and we will update your records. You may review those updates in myNKU at any time.
  • If you need to seek a different evaluation for one or more of your transfer courses than the evaluation provided to you at the time of admission, refer to NKU's policy that outlines the re-evaluation process for transfer credit.
  • If you ever need assistance with your transfer credit at any point while pursuing your degree, contact us.